My Points

MyPoints is one of a kind online site that can help you earn money while having fun. How would you like to surf the Internet and earn cash rewards as well as other great prizes?

When you become a member of MyPoints, you don’t have to be exhausted at the end of the day in exchange for a day’s pay. By simply going through your online activities, which are way too easy and fun, you get to earn cash. Read emails, play online games, surf the net, take paid surveys—these are all you’re required to do when you become a member. It’s all in a day’s work.

MyPoints is the online marketing service arm of Classmates Media Corporation—operator of the frontrunners in online social networking and loyalty marketing services. It helps advertisers reach a wide range of consumers with their targeted marketing campaigns. It helps consumers earn point-based rewards by performing easy and fun tasks like reading emails, taking paid surveys, shopping online, and other net-related activities. Consumers can redeem the points they get in the form of third-party gift cards. They can also receive freebies and benefits from more than 60 businesses that include restaurants, theaters, hotels, airlines, and retailers.

It has definitely brought a new meaning to going online.

MyPoints has made it easier for participants to perform online activities. Stores and different labels that you trust and patronize are here, making it easier for you to shop, book tickets, etc. You can also find in here the best deals in town, plus the easiest and most fun paid surveys to answer.

As its name suggests, MyPoints is a place where you can accumulate points while lounging around in front of your computer; yes, taking paid surveys, shopping, and reading emails is considered lounging here.

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