Founded in 1994, Memolink is one of the largest privately-owned online rewards programs. It has more than 1,000 shopping partners and about ten million members. When it started in 1992, the company was still an offline direct marketer. They launched themselves in the online community in 1998. Among the things they do for clients is to give out paid surveys to members. They also have their members visit websites, make online purchases, sample products, and play trivia games. In exchange, the members get the chance to earn points.

Answering paid surveys and doing other marketing research stuff helps Memolink members earn prizes and cash fast. You can get free stuff, since the company works with several other businesses. Some of their clients are J. Crew,, Pizza Hut, and Blockbuster. You can receive points after visiting websites, answering surveys, or booking travels. The points you receive are redeemable for gift certificates in their business partners.

Memolink has a large membership base. This helps them possess very strong negotiating power. This will enable the members to receive exciting offers and special promotions from advertising partners after completing paid surveys or making online purchases.

As a member who completes paid surveys and other market research-related stuff, you will get to enjoy superior service. Memolink is very committed to giving high-class service and satisfaction. Its support team is very skilled and prompt so that every concerns members might have are addressed immediately.

To start receiving paid survey requests from different companies, you can go the Memolink homepage and click “Join Now.”

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