Greenfield Online

Greenfield Online is one of the leading online panel communities in the paid surveys industry. It started providing research surveys to online members since 1994, giving people like you the chance to voice out your opinion about certain stuff while earning money along the way.

Paid surveys are the new way of gathering consumer feedback, insight, and opinion by companies. Through the information they gather, they are able to tweak and improve their products and services. Greenfield Online helps such companies by taking charge of the data collection for their marketing research needs.

Greenfield Online is currently serving more than 300 marketing research firms, making them among the top leaders in the paid surveys industry. It helps companies get closer to knowing their consumers’ needs by getting their feedback.

Aside from using paid surveys, Greenfield Online also utilizes focus groups, which is also one effective way of gathering consumer information.

Greenfield Online utilizes innovative survey technology, making collection of thousands of data gathered from paid surveys very easy, fast, and accurate. It is equipped with a complete set of tools, from access to survey respondents to survey programming services with highly specialized methods. Greenfield Online has an extensive experience in carrying out a broad range of study designs.

Greenfield Online has customized services that will help companies keen on marketing research have an easier time to gather the information they need which would prove beneficial for their business. Paid surveys need careful study before it is sent out to respondents. They have to be done in a way that will yield significant results.

With Greenfield Online, you get the opportunity to be connected with other members of the online community and share your opinion about several products, processes, and services to earn exciting cash rewards. Not only that, you also have a say at how products you use daily are improved and developed.

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