5 Ways to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

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Nowadays, a lot of people have maximized the use of the internet in order to earn money. Some websites sell products and services. Others offer several internet marketing ideas in order to help both online and offline businesses to succeed. However, there are also websites claiming to pay outrageously big salaries in exchange for a very easy task but only to find everything was just part of a scam. One example of this is an online paid survey scam. Please note that not all websites offering paid survey are scams. But, you have to be very keen in figuring out if a certain website is legitimate. Otherwise, you run the risk of working for a website that has no intent of paying your hard work. In order to avoid such thing from happening, check out the following tips:

Find out if their “contact us” page is valid.

Many people became victims of paid survey scams because they immediately jump into starting the job without checking first the validity or authenticity of the contact page. But, after all the sleepless nights and the hard work of taking those surveys, that is the only time that they try to check the “contact us” page only to find out that they will never be paid because there is no one to contact for the processing of the payment.

Be wary about paid survey websites offering to pay hefty amount of money.

If they claim to pay too much for too little work, then you should be careful. Do not allow yourself to fall into their beguiling marketing talk trying to make the impossible sound too possible. If it is too good to be true, then it could never be a reality at all.

Check the forums that talk about scam sites.

Search the internet for websites that talk about different scam sites and see if that paid survey website is there. Make an effort to join the forum discussion and try to ask the people in there if they know something about that particular paid survey website. If one or two people would say something negative about it, better be careful.

Read the company profile.

One way to figure out if the website is not just a fly-by-night site is to read their profile. A valid company profile would consist of not just one paragraph or one sentence. You should also find there the picture as well as the names of the founders. Then try to Google the names of these people and see if they truly exist in such paid survey world.

Do not ignore your instinct.

Most of the time your instinct will be the one to tell you first if the website is valid or not. As you read the website from page to page, what do you feel? If you are skeptical about all of it in the beginning, then better not take the risk. There are thousands of other ways to earn in the internet so, never allow anybody else the victory of making you believe it is true.

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